Trish’s (Gluten Free) Story

Trish and Bella

More than six years ago I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. At the time, I was relieved to get ANY answer for my health issues, but the one I got after years of searching and testing was not an answer I had expected. Once off the phone with my doctor, I had to Google the words “gliadin” and “gluten free”. I did not have adequate time to digest the information I read that day before it was time to make dinner for my family of five. Overwhelmed, I stared into my pantry. Favorite foods now lacked the assurance of safety. Ordinary ingredients now seemed ominous.

I do not recall what I ate that day, but I do remember the frustration that consumed those next few months as I tried gluten free prepared foods from the sparse selection of gluten free offerings at my local grocery store. Not only were these meals severely lacking in taste and nutritional content, but I was discouraged at the thought of eating separately from my family.

Determined to eat together, I consulted the small handful of gluten free cookbooks at my local library. Although most of the recipes were meals my family would not normally eat, whether gluten free or not, I pressed onward and my kitchen turned into a science lab. During those days, my family approached the table with trepidation, wondering what strange new concoctions awaited them.

Sometimes the recipes sounded “normal”, but often the results were not. Cookies melted off the baking sheet, becoming ashes at the bottom of my oven; angel food cake baked up to a mere 2 inches in height. It was time to change my strategy.

From a young age I enjoyed cooking, and had developed a collection of my family’s favorite recipes. I wanted to continue to use these tried and true recipes to teach my children how to cook, to bake treats for special occasions, and to serve great meals to guests whether they were eating gluten free or not. So I embarked on a journey to understand the adaptations needed for gluten free cooking and began to convert our favorite recipes. Meal time was still an adventure, but more often than not, a positive one.

Several years later, I was experiencing great health on my gluten free diet; however, my daughter began having daily stomach aches. Testing revealed she had severe reflux and a long list of food intolerances. Thankfully, after avoiding all the foods on her problem list for six months and taking supplements to heal her “leaky gut”, she was able to begin adding foods back into her diet one at a time. Over several months time she was able to resume eating most all of the foods on her “avoid list” without negative consequences. This challenging time, however, forced me to gain experience in preparing foods for those with multiple food intolerances. So although this site is dedicated to gluten free recipes, I will include substitutions for common food intolerances, when possible, and share some of the recipes I developed especially for Bella to eat during this time. Today, Bella and I continue to eat one hundred percent gluten free and we are both thankful to be experiencing the blessing of great health.

This website features my family’s favorite recipes, now gluten free, in an effort to help you and your family. It is my hope to:

  • SHARE gluten free recipes that are tasty, easy to prepare, and healthful.
  • RECOMMEND quality gluten free ingredients and products that I have personally used with success.
  • ENCOURAGE those whose good health depends upon them eating a gluten free diet by showing them that it is possible and worthwhile to do so.
  • INSPIRE those cooking gluten free to make meals their whole family can enjoy together.

I have been married to my college sweetheart, Mike, for over 20 years. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Mike sees many patients with gluten and food intolerances through our natural health business, Quinntessential Health. Together we offer gluten free educational seminars, support groups, and personal consulting. We live in Wyoming with our twin sons, Joshua and Caleb, and our daughter Bella. In addition to eating my creations with enthusiasm, my teenage sons designed this website, assist me with all things technological, and help photograph the food before they devour it. Bella likes to bake anything that includes chocolate as an ingredient, and enjoys making gluten free dog treats for our collie, Torran. She has her very own pink binder in which she collects her favorite gluten free recipes. I hope you discover some favorites of your own!